The hands should be placed at approximately the 3 and 9 position 
on the steering wheel.  The grip should be positive, but relaxed.


Arms should be relaxed and slightly bent.


Look where you want to go, not where you are or where you've been.  You'll almost always drive to where your eyes are looking.  Be aware of what's happening around you.


Corner exit speed is more important than corner entrance speed.  Most cars can stop much faster than they can accelerate.  Slow the car down, get it rotated, step on the gas.  Since acceleration is so important, you must try to make the straight-away as long as possible.   This is why taking a late apex is almost always faster.  As soon as you enter the turn, start looking for where you want to exit.  Remember, your driving will follow your eyes.

The one who wins the race is the one who gets back on the gas first.


Choose a particular turn.  Drive through it at a reduced speed, turning the steering wheel as little as possible.  Now start increasing your speed.  If you are driving the correct line, you should be able to drive through the turn at the increased speed without changing your steering inputs from when you drove at reduced speed.

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